Monday, May 9, 2016

PJ Masks Birthday Party

After we wrapped up Ariana's Alice in Wonderland birthday party, we immediately started planning for Brielle's third birthday. I knew I wanted to invite her friends from preschool, which was going to be a first for us. As all parents know, the first step in planning your preschooler's birthday is asking them what party theme they want on their special day. I thought I had an idea of what Brielle wanted as a theme. We love Disney. So I expected Sofia the First. However, she chose PJ Masks!

I thought my girly girl would always want princess parties, but for her first time choosing her party theme, she decided on superheroes. MOMMY WAS WRONG! In addition to the initial shock, my hesitation grew when I realized there were no PJ Masks toys or decorations. Not even at the Disney Store! Therefore, I would have to make a lot of the decorations on my own. Luckily, I am beginning to enjoy crafts. Here is how the party turned out!

For the welcome table, Brielle and I made skyscraper buildings out of Amazon and shoe boxes. I wrapped the boxes in black wrapping paper and then cut the white electrical tape into small rectangles to use as windows. You will notice that Brielle helped with one of the building's windows. I know it's not perfect, but I think anyone would admit that it is adorable.

I also like to showcase the invitation and a thank you note on the welcome table. I created both images on PicMonkey. I'm very pleased with how they look. In my opinion, they look as good as the invitations you can find on Etsy. Sure it takes a little more time to design it, but every little bit helps when you are trying to save money.

Lastly, I put the favors on the table as well. I found an easy tutorial for PJ Masks at Simply Real Moms, and made enough for all the kids (and the fun adults!) I loved how all the kids were excited to turn into their favorite PJ Masks character. I also made cake pops in the party color scheme. Everyone loves cake pops! Kids and adults. If you want to make your party guests happy, then make them cake pops. I also had books and superhero stickers I found on Amazon.

For the dining room, I continued with the color scheme (blue, red, and green). We used streamers and balloons for the ceiling and then created a nightscape for the dessert table. To get this look, I used a trifold foam posterboard, shoeboxes, and the white electrical tape. The shoe boxes were great because they also served as cupcake holders!

Speaking of cupcake holders, I purchased cupcake boxes I found from Walmart to serve the food for the preschoolers. In the past, I have learned that the paper plates can be flimsy, and that creates a huge mess. To avoid that I used small clear cups, placed them in the cupcake boxes, and filled them with our favorite kid-friendly foods. Pretzels, berries, juice, and Chick-Fil-A nuggets. To make it even more special I made a SUPERHERO POWER PACK label for all the boxes.

The cupcakes turned out delicious and cute! I got the idea from Jennifer Shea's book, Cupcakes and Parties. I used her Planet Pop Rock Cupcakes recipe and then stuck in the cupcake toppers. For the toppers, I just printed pictures of Owlette, Ekko, and Catboy on cardstock, and then glue them to toothpicks.

I found all my plastic table cloths at Walmart and Target. I even covered up our gallery wall with a red sheet.

I love photo booths! And I think they are the newest trend for birthday parties. People love to take pictures and post them on social media, so I like to have an area just for photos. Brandon created an amazing cityscape with foam board from Lowes, and I made photo props on PicMonkey. Brielle and Brandon were great at acting out the characters. The Owlette wings I made for Brielle turned out great! She and her friends took turns sharing the wings. Trust me; you can make them too...the only skill you need is turning on the hot glue gun. Haha!

Some resources I used for the party:
1.) Coloring Pages & Masks Print Outs
2.) Masks Tutorial
3.) Cupcake Recipe
4.) PJ Masks Birthday Outfit

What did you like most from the photos above? Please feel free to PIN, SHARE, and TWEET! Please leave me a comment below with your favorite kid party theme. And now I leave you with my favorite pictures from the party. Thank you for stopping by and talk to you soon.

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